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Probe - Un gioco strategico con una grande modalità di gioco

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Are you tired of strategy games that are generic and derivative? Want something new and fresh to play? Probe is a strategy game that you should check out. There are many options to keep players engrossed for months such as Aggression mode and One-Time Bomb mode. Players can create matches with the included drag-and-drop editor easily and intuitively. There are also 50,000 customized setups available from the Probe’s database.
Take advantage of undo and redo moves to evaluate the consequences of your actions. Get alternate endings based on how you play and finish the game. Take advantage of the save game feature so you can resume long-lasting battles as you wish. If you want to improve your game, you can even watch backlogs of your previous battles and learn from your mistakes.
The game comes with an easy batch of tutorials that let you regain the initiative and help you learn the ropes of the game. It lets you know how each piece, game boards and backgrounds come together with a move-based gameplay mechanic.
There are options for beginners, and even more options for pro players who want to compete in a tournament. To ensure that the game doesn’t end in a stalemate or deadlock, there are the Two Squares rule and the More Squares rule to overcome this problem. You can win the game by attrition or by capturing the flag of the opposing team. Take advantage of Enhanced and Blitz gameplay modes to make the most of your Probe matches. It’s a fun game with lots of strategy and thinking required.


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